The Group Promoters

Adesh Gupta

“We must strive to build a global presence and innovate constantly to stay ahead”
Sunil Bansal
Director Exports

“We Make in India for The World”
Shammi Bansal
Director Manufacturing

“We strive for perfection in the manufacturing process and ensure fashion and comfort in our products”
Adish Kumar Gupta
Director Leather

“As a key ingredient of the premier product range we have strict processes that we follow to maintain world class quality”
Vivek Bansal
Director Purchase

“We ensure that the inputs are the best the industry can offer and at the most competitive pricing”
Raman Bansal
Director Wholesale Market

“We innovate to deliver and smoothly service the chain for better market impact”
Anupam Bansal
Director Retail Sales

“We are Building a team of retailers who feel ownership of the brands”