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Starting way back in 1964, Liberty’s visionary approach to distribution has been creating waves. With the advent of globalization and surviving in a fast-paced world, Liberty has now webbed a distribution network that reaches out to most corners of India and beyond to more than 25 countries across the world. This strong and ever expanding network is a reflection of our commitment to dress more feet fashionably and comfortably.


We have been building fruitful partnerships to build an enviable network that allows us to serve the entire country. These investments have grown over the years. Our distributors have been expanding their business by engaging with new retailers as they have understood the varied business options that they recieve along with free & fair business deals with the Liberty group.

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We are a family footwear brand. Our product range allows an individual to stay with our brand, at every stage of life. The sub-brands allow an affinity and a matter of first choice when a customer, from any age-group, visits a retail store of Liberty. We have suitable pair for each member of the family and also focus on not just the age group but the occasion usage for the consumers as well. Besides this, we also offer a wide collection of stylish accessories and high quality shoe-care products for our consumers to choose from. This allows our retail partners to keep the consumer engaged and happy to make a purchase.

We have a perfect pair for everyone and one for each of their needs. From school shoes to sports shoes, from ballerinas to a comfortable slip on, from corporate formals to relaxed casuals allowing the retailer to provide the widest range of footwear options to the consumer. Besides the footwear options a wide range of accessories like shoe care products, back packs, belts, wallets, travel bags and handbags for women are also part of the merchandise.

We have a state of the art Warehousing facility which is tech enabled to track the merchandise movements across all platforms and ensuring a healthy refurbishing with no time loss. The Retail Pro software even tracks the fast moving merchandise and throws up trends that can be used for building the correct inventory. All of it is just to allow our channel partners to cater to their customer’s diverse tastes and requirements and build their profits in the process.

Liberty Exclusive Stores

You may have seen many such stores spread across the country in exclusive areas and dedicated to general market. We don’t let two stores compete. So when a store takes up a market it is supported by the team of dedicated marketing professional to build its portfolio and write a story of success and profits. Some of these stores are Company owned too and some are managed by the Franchisee who is happy to build his Exclusive Outlet. Many entrepreneurs have added more than one exclusive store once they have seen the ROI they have been able to manage by following the systems and practices that Liberty brings to the business.

Liberty MBO

We have a policy of retailing our products from various MBO as well. This also helps the consumer to benchmark the quality and value of our products with other brands that sell from the same store. We assure you that the traffic at your stores will improve when you stock up with the Liberty branded goods at an MBO owned by you. At last, the total count of our MBO’s has exceeded 5000.

Liberty Factory Price Outlets

We have a few of these dotting the marketplace and are usually company owned. But in some cases these are also franchised. If you wish to join the fraternity tell us why this format works best for you and we will have our marketing teams help you build a future. These stock the products that are moved out from the Exclusive Stores to maintain fresh stocks there. We have 1 Factory Price Store for about 20 Exclusive stores.

Our online portal is abuzz with traffic and the latest trends fly off the shelves in huge numbers. A very robust backward integration allows a happy experience for online shoppers and an effective logistical system gives customers the confidence to shop again and often at our online portal

Export Market

Our export marketing division consists of agile marketing personnel who understand the dynamics across global markets and the processes involved. Special manufacturing lines dedicated to the export market service the timely deliveries and maintain cost efficiencies that allow us a competitive yield. They have the experience of servicing the world for many years and have been posting a gradual growth each year too adding to the financials of our annual reports.

Institutional Sales

We treat this market with the respect it deserves. Only the best get on the team. Because we know that building client relationships and ensuring satisfied clients on our portfolio is of paramount importance. We cater to many industries and have the knowledge and deep know how of these industries to be able to manufacture and showcase a portfolio of safety,dress footwear or stylish shoes as per the requirement of the industry.