Our Founding Fathers

They were visionaries of a great era. They set for us the high standards of business where it is paramount to work for the betterment of the nation and to ensure that the people who work with us are happy and duly rewarded. We are guided by their way of doing business with integrity and honesty.

The story of Liberty Group was started by these visionaries in 1954 when motivated by their fathers to work for the nation and help the poor they started a small unit which manufactured 4 shoes a day. It was also the times of heightened nationalism and therefore fighting against foreign brands motivated them to work with the absolutely downtrodden in the business of making footwear. From making 4 shoes a day to a multi factory globally recognized brand was a result of the focus and hard work they put in and expanded the group across the world.

Shri RK Bansal
07.04.1934 – 27.01.2002

Shri PD Gupta
24.08.1928 – 07.09.2003

Shri DP Gupta
15.01.1921 – 09.02.2001