We, at Liberty Shoes, have been fashioning footwear for well over 65 years now, for the style-conscious people around the globe.



We have been fashioning footwear for well over 60 years for the style conscious people around the globe. We have a perfect pair for every member of the family. From school shoes to sports shoes, from ballerinas to comfortable slips-ons, from corporate formals to relaxed casuals providing the widest range of footwear options to the consumer. Besides footwear we also create a range of accessories like shoe care products, back packs, belts, wallets, travel bags and handbags for women.

What we do best

We have the pulse of the market nicely taped and understand that comfort is the most important requirement in footwear and we have invested in this over the years. If you were to ask around the country side they would let you know that Liberty are the most comfortable and durable footwear available. Our marketing strategy is not pulled out of some page in the marketing bible. But, in thinking simple-“Make our product well, sell it well.” We do that by engaging and implementing the best footwear manufacturing and design technology from across the world. We then put our heart and soul in building the promise and delivering it to the consumer at a price that looks so very endearing.

What is on Offer

We have ensured that the factor of comfort is embellished in the selling proposition which is “Fashion is Comfort” What do we want customers to think about us?

We are family footwear brand with sub brands that cater to niche emotions for the family. The segregation is catering to individual markets that have a sizeable consumer base. We are a fashionable brand for the middle class. Our focus on delivering high quality and comfortable footwear has illustrated a challenging growth rate over the years. From just 4 pairs a day in 1954 we now make footwear at 6 different units where a man-machine partnership has emerged as world class Humantech Centres. Using innovation and proven craftsmanship we produce over 50,000 pairs each day and are ranked amongst the top 5 leather manufacturers in the world. Helping us dress up the feet of the fashion-driven and quality-seeking customers in more than 25 countries, which includes major international fashion destinations like France, Italy and Germany, is our worldwide distribution network of 100 distributors, 425 exclusive showrooms and more than 4000 multi-brand outlets. Our commitment to quality is marked by a ISO 9001: 2000 process certification.