We, at Liberty Shoes, have been fashioning footwear for well over 65 years now, for the style-conscious people around the globe.



We can say with immense humility that if you were to ask a person in India about a brand called Liberty they would most easily identify it with Footwear. Not just that but with comfortable footwear. And if you were to probe further then you could elicit “a fashion footwear” as a response. We take pride in these statements from consumers who have enjoyed the Liberty products over the years and have shown loyalty to the brands widest range of footwear. We are in the business since 1954 and have added a range of accessories like shoe care items, smart back backs & ladies hand bags.

What we endeavour to achieve

Consumer Delight. By ensuring that the quality of our products is maintained to a stringent norm and each product is scanned through systems and processes that ensure the highest degree in deliveries. Whether it is in the making or in the selling. We are known to have the best Global technologies at the state of the art Humantech Centres. Robotic precision machines, Artificial Intelligence sensors and the Hawk- Eyes of experienced technology experts ensure we produce the finest in the category. We invest in our people to ensure a sense of pride in the 4000 strong team that make Liberty one of the strongest and respected brands in the market. Our products are Value for Money for the consumers and add to the sense of delight they give to them.

Our Consumers Stay Invested

The metronomic precision with which we ensure the suitability of the products to each consumer allows for an enviable partnership that is developed over the years. We have created our own brands and popularized them amongst a niche premium segment to be able to retain a section of the new breed of youngsters who have the eagerness to generate their own statement of style and fashion. Our multi brand categorization allows to appeal to a wide section of consumers without creating any balkanization amongst the Liberty consumers.?

No wonder we’ve grown in stature as a reliable manufacturer in the world having grown from a timid 4 pairs a day to a resounding 50,000 pairs across 5 Humantech centres and marketing across India through 4000 retail partners and exporting to 25 countries around the world.