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Why Choose The Footwear Industry?

The Indian footwear industry is growing at a rate of 16% annually. The market, dominated by the unorganized sector by a staggering 85% is now seeing a shift towards the organized sector, which has now risen to 15%. The reason being, that the consumers are getting more and more brand conscious and turning towards the organized sector for their footwear needs. Because of this behavioural change, the growth in the organized footwear market alone has been 27%, making it not only one of the most promising sectors for investment, but also one of the most profitable ones.

Even when it comes to the consumer, the purchase patterns have grown remarkably. Courtesy of the more lifestyle centric attitude, footwear is now considered a fashion symbol and not simply an essential utility.

It is not surprising that for the consumer, owning branded footwear has now become a fashion statement. And many local MBOs now prefer opening exclusive showrooms to keep up with the changing needs of their customers.

Pair Up With A 1,000 Crore Vision Company.

We strive to ensure that the method we use is the latest technology the world over. To follow the highest standards of honest workmanship in whatever we make. To walk the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction worldwide. To remain a true cosmopolitan to the spirit. To remain a great corporation to associate with, to work for. To know that ‘We are about people’.

We started our journey as a small shoe manufacturing unit in Karnal, manufacturing a humble 4 pairs a day. Today, manufacturing 50,000 pairs a day and being one of the leading manufacturers in the leather footwear industry in India, we have indeed come a long way. Be a part of the company that has ten brands that have been making for a much effortless journey for its customers.

  • 400exclusive stores across India

  • 25countries around the globe

  • 4000people strong team

  • No. 2in the footwear industry

  • 1000Crore Vision to opening 1,000 exclusive showrooms

  • The Perfect Fit for Every Pair of Feet

    With new fashion trends launching each day, it is important to be able to bring a fresh and contemporary range which matches these trends, and also provides superior comfort at the same time. Liberty excels at providing trendy and comfortable footwear at affordable prices.

    our franchisee

    Liberty o­ffers a diverse and matchless product portfolio. Our range of products appeals to men, women and kids of all ages, regions and cultures. Providing them with the perfect pair, suitable not just for everyday use, but for every occasion in their life-whether it be a wedding, an important business meeting, going out for sports, for simply taking a vacation, going to the club everyday or just an evening jog-is our continuous endeavour.

    Always striving to be amongst the first to introduce innovative products, we constantly try to be a step ahead in footwear retail. Our products suit every market from independent street stores, shopping complexes, to high street malls.

    Liberty off­ers the flexibility to cater to the audience that comes to your showroom depending on your location and the market you are operating in, with a customized merchandising supply of our diverse portfolio, providing the latest trends in fashion.

  • 10 Brands to Suit a Million Feet

    We have a perfect pair for every one and one for each of their needs. From school shoes to sports sneakers, from ballerinas to adventure shoes, and from corporate formals to relaxed slip-ons, the range of our sub-brands substantiates that we cater to the widest range of footwear demand from around the world.

Strong infrastructure to help your
business grow

Six state of the art Humantech Centres, sound planning, strict quality control, a dedicated team of talented product design teams help us to cater to your customers diverse taste and trendy requirements.

With our state-of-the-art central warehouse in Panipat, we keep a check on the inventories at the retail level and are capable of supplying each of our retail partners a replenishment of cut sizes across the country within 7 days with the help of the Retail Pro software. This allows the buyers the choice of the latest products at the shelves and also lowers the inventory cost for the partner making better ROI in every case.
Your store, a landmark of quality

Liberty operates in three interfaces, namely, Liberty Revolutions, Liberty Exclusive Showroom and Liberty Factory Price Outlet. When you opt for a Liberty Exclusive Showroom, you make certain that you attract new consumers, sustain the loyal ones and make your store a landmark of affordable fashion.

For the fashion driven segment, Liberty Revolutions (our flagship showrooms which are company owned and managed) are present in most urban markets helping us set new benchmarks in the footwear industry.